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I started this business to provide a better alternative to mass produced products shipped from overseas. I offer you more options and a much better product. ~Kirk Lynch
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I just received my order today and I am very pleased with the quality of the material and the overall finish that was provided. We will continue to use your services. Thank you.

David W

I received the brackets and I had to email you on the excellent workmanship! The square holes are nearly perfect! The plates are smooth and clean (no grease or oil).
First-class workmanship! And having been a former pipe fitter, I've seen a lot of welding (both good and bad), your work is up there with the best of them!
I'll be ordering again!

Joe H
New York

I purchased 18 metal pieces for a custom pavilion from Kirk. It was a pleasure dealing with him. I told kirk what I wanted and he Drew up the perfect design. The quality of the material and the cuts were spot on. I installed the plates over the weekend and I am very happy. I will be purchasing more plates in the near future for the next project. Thank you Kirk

John N

Kirk drew up and fabricated custom brackets for a beam we needed installed in our home. He had them for us so quickly and the finished product came out beautiful. Highly recommended!

Tabatha S

Kirk was easy to deal with I sent a simple sketch he replied with a cad drawing. Once I confirmed the drawing he then made my brackets. From the time I contacted Kirk and received the brackets was four days including the weekend. I am very happy with the quality and look forward dealing with him in the future on other projects.

Derek L
New Hampshire

Kirk was able to provide us with custom brackets we needed for our project, and fabricated them within days. His work is amazing!

Classic Construction

Product exceeded expectations and was delivered on time, highly recommended.

David D

We drill holes

Most likely your local fab shop will just plasma cut their holes and not drill them. Plasma cut edges will have some degree of taper, so the top of a plasma hole will be bigger than the bottom. This creates a chiseled un even mating surface with the bolt. I undersize my plasma cut holes and then run a drill bit through it to make a nice round hole.
close up of our steel brackets cleanly drilled holes;

Ours are Better

Our brackets are actually "Bare" steel brackets. Ours is on the right. Notice the shinny steel and nice round hole. On the left side, they sell "Bare" steel brackets. Notice the blue/gray mill scale on the surface. Mill scale needs to be removed from the steel prior to any type of coating. Mill scale will flake off over time, leading to premature failure of the coating. Mill scale needs to be removed by sand blasting. Our bare steel brackets are actually bare steel. We buy steel that has been dipped in acid at the mill to remove the mill scale. The steel is then coated with oil to prevent the bare steel from rusting. It costs us more to sell, but look at the difference...

Powder Coat Preparation

Proper preparation before powder coating is critical for any coating. Our brackets go through a multiple step process to prepare the metal for proper adhesion. First we deburr the edges and sand the bare steel to etch the surface. Next we scrub clean using industrial strength degreaser. We wash with water then put them in the hot oven to dry and pre bake.