Custom Made Post and Beam Brackets

First Step - Contact us
Getting custom brackets is easy with me.  Send me some info on your project.  Email is the most efficient way to convey this information.  I like to have a email record of conversations, so I can refer back to it when I am designing.  I like to see your project as a sketch if possible.  Take a few minutes and sketch out your project on paper.  Include all the info and dimensions that I will need to work on your design.  Include info like, pitch angle, beam sizes, joint details and any other info that you think is necessary.  I will review the information and give you a rough idea of the costThe cost is typically close to what you see on my standard listings.
Second Step - Deposit and Design
When you are ready to make an order contact me and I will guide you through the process.  I will send you a listing to pay for the deposit on the order.  The deposit is meant to cover the time spent designing your brackets. The deposit is generally $25-$150 depending on how much design work is required.  When I receive payment, I will take all the information you provided and I will design your project in CAD.  I will provide you with detailed sketches of your custom brackets.  Please thoroughly review these designs and let me know where you want the designs adjusted.  This process usually takes a little back and forth to get it to the final product.  Please correspond with me through email.  I know it can be a pain for some people, but it is really hard for me to do this over the phone.  I have sold thousands of custom brackets to customer all over the country.  Trust my experience in this, email is the only way to do this efficiently. 
Third Step - Purchase the Order
The last step is for you to purchase the order.  Now that we have an approved design I will provide you with a listing on my website to purchase your custom order.  Please review the designs thoroughly and please review the product description.  Make sure everything is good before you purchase the order.  We cannot return custom designs, so please take the time to review all designs and consult local professionals before purchasing.  I require payment in full before I cut steel.  Please contact me with any questions.
Contact Kirk at
This link has a template that shows all the info needed for a custom truss design